ICYMI: MI State Reps. Dodak & Johnson On The Importance Of Interest Deductibility

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Michigan had an unemployment rate of 8.8% in July, fifth highest in the entire country. In these tough economic times, businesses must be able to use debt in order to invest locally, expand their businesses, and create jobs. As explained by Lew Dodak and Rick Johnson, former speakers

Quora: Will Tax Reform Definitely Help Businesses Or Might It Actually Do More Harm Than Good?

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Published in Quora (Click to comment or vote) and Forbes, August 19, 2013 By Matt McDonald, BUILD Treasurer and Partner at Hamilton Place Strategies Tax reform has the capability to give a big boost to businesses and the rest of the economy. The tax code has had 15,000 new rules since the last tax reform in

Pennsylvania needs real tax reform focused on economic growth

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Published in The Philadelphia Business Journal, August 2, 2013, Pennsylvania needs real tax reform focused on economic growth By Matt McDonald, Treasurer of the BUILD Coalition See original post here. When considering tax reform, business owners think about simplification — clearing the underbrush that has grown since the last overhaul in 1986. It’s no secret


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Published in The Hill, June 21, 2013 Protecting the entrepreneurial dream By Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, @KarenKerrigan Pro-growth tax reform and simplification will encourage entrepreneurship and help make the economy more dynamic. Proposals must ensure that entrepreneurship and investment are enabled through these efforts. Certainly, the U.S. economy