UPDATE: BUILD Statement on Senators Baucus and Hatch’s letter

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We at BUILD are thrilled to see action on tax reform in the Senate. Our economy needs to reform a tax code that has become too complex, too bloated, and inefficient for businesses. -Beth Solomon, President and CEO of the National Association of Development Companies Today, the BUILD Coalition released a statement from Beth Solomon, BUILD


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Published in The Hill, June 21, 2013 Protecting the entrepreneurial dream By Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, @KarenKerrigan Pro-growth tax reform and simplification will encourage entrepreneurship and help make the economy more dynamic. Proposals must ensure that entrepreneurship and investment are enabled through these efforts. Certainly, the U.S. economy

ISSUE BRIEF – The Benefits Of Debt To Businesses

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In the political discussion surrounding interest deductibility, some have attempted to cast all debt as a bad thing. They wish to insert this narrative in order to portray a limit on interest deductibility as a basis of tax reform.  However, lost in the rhetoric and political discussion are many benefits debt provides businesses. Debt provides

In The News: Corporate Interest Deduction Proves Sacred Amid Reformers

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Published in Bloomberg, May 29, 2013 Corporate Interest Deduction Proves Sacred Amid Reformers By Marc Heller A newly formed coalition of businesses is stepping up efforts to protect interest deductions as tax reform advances in Congress. Interest on debt has been fully deductible for 100 years -- encouraging factory expansions and hiring for new initiatives,

Group Of American Businesses Announce BUILD Coalition

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As Congress continues to debate comprehensive tax reform, they must know that any limit on interest deductibility is not reform at all, but rather a new tax that will harm businesses and hinder economic growth. To prevent such harm from occurring, a cross-section of American businesses announces the formation of the Businesses United for Interest

Issue Brief: Why Businesses Use Debt?

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Interest deductibility allows businesses to deduct interest on debt from their taxable income. As a cost to doing business, interest has been 100 percent deductible since 1913. It is a core component of the tax code. Below are four representative case examples showing why businesses could use debt and how it is critical to economic

The Issue: What’s At Stake With Interest Deductibility

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The BUILD Coalition welcomes the promise of tax reform, but a new tax targeting interest is simply not reform. True reform works to improve the U.S. economy  and create jobs rather than raise costs on businesses. Interest deductibility is critical to the U.S. economy. Below are key facts about interest deductibility. WHAT IS INTEREST DEDUCTIBILITY?

Issue Brief: Interest Deductibility Helps Large and Small Businesses

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Interest deductibility is a component of the tax code that has helped businesses of all sizes use debt to finance investments. Typically, we think of large companies using debt. This is certainly true especially amongst firms with large capital-intensive investment needs. Businesses in the manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries have large capital needs and therefore,

Issue Brief: Revenue Neutrality And Interest Deductibility

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Advocates for limiting interest deductibility have argued that if the revenue finances lower rates, then the impact is neutral. Drs. Robert Carroll and Thomas Neubig analyzed this scenario, specifically by looking at the net impact of the across-the-board limitation on corporate interest expenses proposed by the Wyden-Coats tax plan combined with a revenue neutral 1.5 percentage point

Issue Brief: Interest Deductibility And Financial Stability

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A common argument for limiting interest deductibility is that it may encourage businesses to take on too much debt, which will increase financial instability. However, this statement ignores some critical facts. First, interest deductibility is not the root cause of debt bias in the tax code. As Drs. Robert Carroll and Thomas Neubig argued, the

Introducing the BUILD Coalition Blog

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Welcome to the BUILD Coalition, Businesses United for Interest and Loan Deductibility. We are a collection of small to large businesses across all sectors of the economy united for interest deductibility. This issue impacts all businesses looking to invest and grow or simply manage day-to-day operations. Given its centrality to everyday business, interest on debt

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