Setting The Record Straight On Interest Deductibility And Nonfinancial Leverage

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Businesses use credit to grow, manage payroll, and make job-creating investments. It's fundamental to business. However, proponents of a new tax targeting interest on debt have often argued that interest deductibility distorts incentives, which might lead to too much credit in the economy. While this new tax will raise costs for businesses onnew investments, correcting

ICYMI: MI State Reps. Dodak & Johnson On The Importance Of Interest Deductibility

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Michigan had an unemployment rate of 8.8% in July, fifth highest in the entire country. In these tough economic times, businesses must be able to use debt in order to invest locally, expand their businesses, and create jobs. As explained by Lew Dodak and Rick Johnson, former speakers

Infographic: What’s At Stake In Memphis? A Primer For The Max And Dave Road Show

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View infographic here. The BUILD Coalition is happy to see momentum behind tax reform continue to grow in Memphis today with Rep. Dave Camp and Sen. Max Baucus’ road show. The U.S. and Memphis metro area need pro-growth reform. In 2011, the Memphis area economy only grew 0.1 percent and, according to most recent data,

Letter-to-the-Editor: Interest Tax Would Create Burden For Businesses

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When Congress returns next week, tax reform will once again be a hot topic of discussion. Many agree, just as we do, that pro-growth tax reform is necessary to strengthen the American economy. Many businesses are hoping for reform to help them grow and create jobs, but any talk of limiting interest deductibility as a

Quora: Will Tax Reform Definitely Help Businesses Or Might It Actually Do More Harm Than Good?

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Published in Quora (Click to comment or vote) and Forbes, August 19, 2013 By Matt McDonald, BUILD Treasurer and Partner at Hamilton Place Strategies Tax reform has the capability to give a big boost to businesses and the rest of the economy. The tax code has had 15,000 new rules since the last tax reform in

Pennsylvania needs real tax reform focused on economic growth

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Published in The Philadelphia Business Journal, August 2, 2013, Pennsylvania needs real tax reform focused on economic growth By Matt McDonald, Treasurer of the BUILD Coalition See original post here. When considering tax reform, business owners think about simplification — clearing the underbrush that has grown since the last overhaul in 1986. It’s no secret

Interest Deductibility: A Building Block for Growth – VIDEO

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Interest Deductibility: A Building Block for Growth from BUILD Coalition on Vimeo. As Congress begins to ramp up its efforts to reform the tax code, it is important that policymakers understand that any call to limit interest deductibility should be a non-starter in the discussion. Watch the video above to learn more about how important

EY – State by State Breakdown – One Page

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Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia

EY Study – National and State Breakdown

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All data via the EY study: Macroeconomic analysis of a revenue-neutral reduction in the corporate income tax rate financed by an across-the-board limitation on corporate interest expenses, July 2013. To view all 50 states as a single page, please click here. To view an individual state, please use the relevant link below. Alabama Alaska Arizona

Limiting corporate interest deductibility reduces long-run growth — New EY Study

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Macroeconomic analysis of a revenue-neutral reduction in the corporate income tax rate financed by an across-the-board limitation on corporate interest expenses by EY’s Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST) group Commissioned by the BUILD Coalition, July 2013. In the midst of increased momentum surrounding tax reform, new research from EY shows that limiting interest deductibility to

Issue Brief: Debt Financing Benefits Companies In All Sectors of the Economy

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Businesses in all sectors of the economy use debt to grow (see the benefits of debt to companies here). From professional services, retail trade, and manufacturing to construction, wholesale trade, and financial services, all industries use debt financing to build a new factory, invest in new technology, manage payroll, and finance many other business activities.

Why Businesses Use Debt And How Debt Benefits Businesses – REPORT

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In "Why Businesses Use Debt And How Debt Benefits Businesses," Dr. Rebel Cole, Professor of Finance at DePaul University, argues that "debt enables a company to grow and expand its operations to increase production in a growing market." He provides an overview of the reasons why a business uses debt to finance a portion of

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