About Us


Businesses United for Interest and Loan Deductibility (BUILD) is a group of small and large businesses in all sectors of our economy including retail, technology, real estate, hospitality, finance, and small businesses and start-ups.


The BUILD Coalition supports comprehensive tax reform efforts. However, our aim is to preserve 100 percent interest deductibility, a core component of the tax code for 100 years.


Virtually every business in America uses debt to finance fundamental business activities, like meeting payroll, buying raw materials, or making critical capital investments. Debt is used by small businesses and large businesses across all sectors of the economy. Limiting interest deductibility would hinder businesses’ ability to finance new investments, expansions and innovations, and create new jobs.


Interest deductibility refers to the ability for businesses to deduct the interest paid on debt from their taxable income. For example:

  • If a company wants to build a factory, it may raise money by issuing corporate bonds or taking out a loan to finance the investment. This is a cost of doing business.
  • Because it’s a cost of doing business, the interest on those loans are tax deductible and have been for 100 years. Businesses only pay taxes on their profits, total revenue minus costs.
  • However, efforts to create a new tax targeting interest on debt is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill. This would add a new tax on business. Rather than only taxing profits, the federal government will add a tax on a portion of a company’s regular business costs as well.